My thoughts on the movie “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the movie. It might have been because I read the book beforehand and had too high expectations as to how the movie would play out. I believed the movie would stay as true to the book as possible but found myself wondering if the director had read the same book as I did. Although most of the characters were recognizable, the problematic and significant change is that the American is very much known to the viewer. Furthermore, the movie presumably included intensified dramatic circumstances with intentions of giving the movie a more suspenseful tone. I truly do not understand why the director (and Hamid?) decided on adding elements such as kidnapping, CIA-surveillance and death as they were all absent in the book. Perhaps they felt as though the meandering conversation that found place in the book was too rudderless for a screenplay? I do understand that the print and the visual are indisputably two very different forms. Adding on, besides the weird and unexpected additions to the film, I did find both the book and the movie to be enriching, but as different stories.



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