Hurricane Harvey raging in Texas

Over a four-day period, Hurricane Harvey has battered the Texas Gulf coast with 130mph winds and catastrophic flooding. The hurricane has forced several thousand people to flee their homes, causing mass injury as well as claiming the lives of at least 30 people (and still counting).

Hurricane Harvey originally made landfall as a category 4 hurricane, but has been downgraded to a tropical storm since manifesting. Powerful winds are the most recurrent means of destruction associated with hurricanes, but most of Harvey’s destruction came from the immense amounts of rainfall.  Hurricane Harvey and its remnants has so far dropped a mind-boggling amount of more than 51 inches of rain, registered by a weather station in Southeast Houston, surpassing the old national record of 48 inches. In addition to breaking the record, hurricane Harvey is going down in history as one of the worst flood disasters in U.S history.

The extent of the damage done by Harvey is yet to be assessed, but a clean-up to restore, recover and rebuild the Texas we know, is sure to be extensive.

As well as bringing a record amount of rain, hurricane Harvey has also brought up questions about how much climate change can be blamed for the storm. Many claim that the hurricane was caused by global warming- and it very well could be! As the earth heats up, evaporation speeds up causing extreme shower storms, much like this one, to occur. hurricane-harvey2When reading articles like this one, watching the news and listening to the radio I realize how frequently we are being exposed to natural disasters, such as this one. And although this is terrifying to think about, it is also empowering and encouraging for us. I believe the constant reminder is just another push in the back, trying to make us interfere so we can make a change.

But before we can make a change, we need information. I believe starting with the basics, as well as gradually gaining a bigger and deeper insight, is the way to go. Informative articles like this one can be a great way to start educating yourself, and gaining a more extensive understanding. We all know our world is perpetually getting warmer, and factors playing in on our climate is sure to change for the worse, making us more vulnerable to occurring disasters. We need to start being more constructive, and ask the tough questions; Are humans to blame for the ever-increasing occurrence of natural disasters? Can we do something about it, or is it too late?

Link to the article: Hurricane Harvey raging in Texas


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